Have you ever heard “PR doesn’t work for me”?  Maybe you’ve even said this yourself.  We don’t know if this is due to a bad experience, or not really understanding what PR is, but we wanted to dispel the myths of PR and tell you what good PR looks like.

So first, of all, what is PR not?  It is NOT sending endless, generic press releases with a scattergun approach.  This is the definition of bad PR and if we’re honest, downright lazy PR.

Great PR is creating tailored and creative communications and activities, as part of a wider well thought-out strategic campaign, that expertly tells the story of your business/brand/product/service.

Another thing we come across often is when businesses are unsure of whether to invest in PR or Advertising, or just not knowing what the differences between the two are.  So, what are the differentiators between PR and Advertising?  

Firstly, advertising is paid for, whether it is via a traditional advert in a magazine, an advertorial (which is a paid for piece of editorial), or a sponsored post – the bottom line is, it’s gonna cost you a pretty penny.  Advertising provides you with guaranteed placement and gives you total control over the images and text.  PR is unpaid coverage that occurs through being featured in editorial features, blogs, interviews, reviews, tv opportunities, etc. 

A PR strategy is there to identify key outlets, publications, platforms and influencers that fit with your business and who can tell the story of your business/brand/product/service, helping consumers believe in you and your brand and leaving them wanting to know more.  An advert doesn’t do this.  

With PR, you have less control, than if you were to pay for an advertisement, therefore it is vital that you  always provide all of the important information, along with accompanying high res images to ensure any coverage is accurate.  This is where having an expert PR agency representing you really helps, as they take care of this for you.

With a great PR strategy comes media attention and media attention gives your business credibility and integrity.  As well as it being incredibly gratifying receiving coverage, the fact of the matter is people listen to recommendations – in a recent study 74% of consumers identified word-of-mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decision –  and you can therefore see the power of media coverage could have for you.  It creates demand.

Coverage is also a great marketing tool for you, as you can share any content across your own social media platforms and website, which will work towards further convincing potential buyers why they should choose you, as well as helping grow your following and driving traffic to your website! 

If you need help delving into PR more, or would like to know how it could benefit your business, give us a call or drop us an email – we’d love to help.