People often think good PR is all about creative writing and although this is a massive component, great images play a huge part in the formulation.  

We live in a digital age, where social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are part and parcel of most people’s everyday life.  Photos and images are the “universal language” and statistics show that including a photo or video in a press release increases views by 45%, therefore investing in excellent photography as part of your PR and marketing strategy and overall brand identity is vital.  

When working with our clients here at Prestigious PR, we always stress the importance of good quality brand imagery, be it product close-ups, lifestyle shots or headshots that can accompany news stories, as well as used across social media, brochures and websites.

We are delighted to be joined by Hannah McClune owner of ‘Visible by Hannah’ for a Q&A, sharing her thoughts on how photography can transform your brand’s PR and overall image.

Hannah, thanks so much for joining us. Tell us in your opinion, how can good photography enhance your PR and marketing? 

Personal Brand photography is a crucial step in building a strong brand. If you want to look polished and professional, high-end imagery is a must. 

The style I offer, Personal Brand Photography is very different to traditional commercial photography, to corporate photography, to headshot photography, to product photography…. There is one major difference. PERSONALITY. Warm, authentic, real, genuine photography to show the personality of you and your brand.

What are the different types of imagery a brand might need to support their PR strategy?

People buy from people they know, like and trust. It’s the same across all industries. Building that rapport with your PR strategy teamed with professional images is a perfect combination.

The types of images to achieve this would be:

  • A headshot that reflects your personality to sit alongside your feature.
  • Images of your services and products to educate and appeal to readers.
  • The features themselves- shots of the screens with your online articles, magazines in your hands with your feature or styled flat lay shots of it. 

What would a brand need before a photoshoot?

Many of my clients are surprised by the depth I go into in the briefing form and initial consultations. A lot of it may not seem photography related on first glance. But my approach is to understand your marketing needs and how you are positioning yourself, then how I can support you with photography.⁣

This brief is precious to us photographers! The questions I ask are all there for a purpose to understand both you, your business and your customers in as much detail as possible.

Also, get pin happy! Having a shared board with your photographer not only checks you’re both on the same wavelength, but also gives some inspiration and ideas. Never copy a shot (how dull!) but use it as a prompt to what works for you.⁠

Lastly, ahead of the day, take time to be the best possible version of you. Book hair appointments the week before, your manicure (hands always feature!), drink loads of water and ask if you need hair & make up artist suggestions.⁠

What about brands that may not quite be ready to book a shoot? Any advice you can offer?

Yes! I have an ebook to help you start taking better pictures, today! ‘Make Your Brand Visible: The Photography Guide’ is 40 pages of information to learn to take great images. It explains how to find great light, the best backgrounds, getting creative with composition, super handy tools, how to style flat lays, lots more… You can find more details here >⁣

About Hannah

Before becoming a photographer in 2011 Hannah worked in marketing. Her role included commissioning photo shoots- from the concept and briefing, to using the resulting images in global campaigns. Her fifteen years experience means she has a holistic approach to photography- understanding how your images fit in your wider marketing needs. If you’d like to have a chat about how photographs can reflect you and your brand in the best possible way, reach out to Hannah at E: / W: / IG: visiblebyhannahg