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“I would recommend Prestigious a million times over!”

Whilst running my new business, as well as a demanding and stressful full time job, I just wasn’t able to focus on PR as much as I a) wanted to and b) needed to!   As with any new business, the fundamentals of getting seen and heard are doing the shouting yourself and of course word of mouth.  Laura has been invaluable to me and my business, getting product onto the ears of wonderful women that I tried to but couldn’t reach and letting me bounce ideas off her and offering solutions or suggestions.  She follows everything up wonderfully, but also at arms length, so is a great example of what I believe PR should be, which is subtle – never pushy and overbearing.  Laura also creates a lovely rapport with the people you want to target.  Her monthly updates are about the only bit of paperwork I look forward to each month, and she has even given me a little bit of friendly advice about social media which isn’t her job at all, but helped massively and made a big difference to the interactions I got on instagram.   I would recommend Prestigious PR a million times over!

– Abby Summerville, Founder, Helix & Conch

“Working with Prestigious was an absolute joy!”

Working with Prestigious PR was an absolute joy as well as an incredibly valuable exercise for my alternative bridal brand. Laura’s professional, efficient but warm manner triggered huge levels of trust, I didn’t have to think about anything! Prestigious PR swiftly and naturally understood my brand and their commitment to the job at hand was very impressive. The number of contacts and list of opportunities created was invaluable and I loved Laura’s organised way of keeping me up to date with progress. The exposure that Prestigious secured hugely outweighed what I would’ve secured (and paid for!) through advertising. I look forward to working with Laura and Prestigious again in the near future!

– Hannah Ollichon, Founder & Designer, House of Ollichon

“Laura was a delight to work with and I highly recommend Prestigious PR”

Laura was a delight to work with and I highly recommend Prestigious PR.  Laura is professional, experienced and a lovely person.  She immediately understood our goals and was able to get Strp’d some great coverage.  She presented us with lots of opportunities outside of the traditional PR scope but never made us feel pressured to spend more than we were willing to.  She is authentic and honest and does not underdeliver on her promises.  Even when our contract ended, she saw all projects through to the end without making us feel like she was working overtime.  More than a PR company, Laura felt like an extension to our team and her calm, collaborative nature was a pleasure to work with.  

– Ayesha Grover, Founder, Strp’d

“Not long after working with us, Prestigious secured coverage in British Vogue, Evening Standard and Stylist!”

I have been delighted with Prestigious PR and the coverage Laura has secured for my brand to date.  Not long after Prestigious began managing our PR, they secured coverage in huge national publications including British Vogue, Evening Standard and Stylist, which provided us with significant reach and fantastic exposure.  I feel that Laura puts in immense effort to understand the ethos and brand identity that we at Scentered live and breathe by, including that of our approach to efficiency and sustainability within a very open and fast moving culture.  I am delighted to continue with Prestigious representing us and I’m excited for the creative campaigns and strategic communications we have planned together. 

– Lara Morgan, Founder, Scentered

“We have been so impressed with Prestigious PR’s attitude and commitment”

We have been so impressed with Prestigious PR’s attitude and their commitment to spread the word about our brand.  Laura is an absolute delight to work with – she listens to our ideas, offers excellent suggestions, then just gets on with it!  Exactly what is needed for a small business owner short on time with a hundred plates spinning at once – THANK YOU!

– Emily Robertson, Co-Founder, Roundwood Gin


People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.

Seth Godin

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